The Space Shuttle Decision -

space shuttle decision 1965 1972 history of the space - heppenheimer looks back at the shuttle s technical antecedents such as the x 15 rocket plane and rocket booster technologies and illuminates the principal personalities involved in the space shuttle decision and their motivations, space shuttle challenger disaster wikipedia - on january 28 1986 the nasa shuttle orbiter mission sts 51 l and the tenth flight of space shuttle challenger ov 99 broke apart 73 seconds into its flight killing all seven crew members which consisted of five nasa astronauts and two payload specialists the spacecraft disintegrated over the atlantic ocean off the coast of cape canaveral florida at 11 39 est 16 39 utc, space shuttle the history of the national space - space shuttle the history of the national space transportation system the first 100 missions dennis r jenkins on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this history chronicles the development of reusable spacecraft including the full and fascinating history of space shuttle flights and all developmental and experimental craft, how the soviets stole a space shuttle technology - the russian space shuttle buran which looked similar to the u s space shuttle is perched on an energia rocket in 1988, buran reusable shuttle russianspaceweb com - buran reusable orbiter during 1970s and 1980s the ussr developed a winged spacecraft known as buran snowstorm designed to serve as a parallel response to the perceived military threat from the us space shuttle, engineering reasoning critical thinking - conclusion as with any case study the goal is not preparing students for decisions identical to those faced by the space shuttle program the goal is instead fostering a recognition that organizations must not only think but that they must also think about their thinking