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the patent office pony a history of the early patent - i found the patent office pony to be similar to the organization of the early patent office patents weren t always documented well and the patent models were strewn throughout the office with little thought for systematic organization, history of the united states patent office introduction - the patent office pony a history of the early patent office introductory material table of contents acknowledgements title page illustration pony head in patented bridle kenneth w dobyns, history of the united states patent office chapter 5 - the patent office pony a history of the early patent office chapter 5 the first u s patent statute pg 21 chapter five the first u s patent statute, u s patent history creation of the u s patent system - on april 10 1790 president george washington signed the bill which laid the foundations of the modern american patent system, inventing a better mousetrap 200 years of american - learn about the role that patent models played in american history and even learn to build your own replica patent models working models required for us patent filings from 1790 to 1880 offer insight into and inspiration from a period of intense technological advancement the industrial revolution, history of the automobile wikipedia - the early history of the automobile can be divided into a number of eras based on the prevalent means of propulsion later periods were defined by trends in exterior styling size and utility preferences in 1769 the first steam powered automobile capable of human transportation was built by nicolas joseph cugnot in 1808 fran ois isaac de rivaz designed the first car powered by an, postage stamps and postal history of the united states - early postal history postal services began in the first half of the 17th century serving the first american colonies today the united states postal service is a large government organization providing a wide range of services across the united states and its territories abroad, insulator companies and their history r infinity com - insulator companies list includes u s and foreign companies and company catalogs in the files of the insulator research service r home the original company listing was put together as a searching guide for a research trip to the smithsonian natural history museum catalog archives in august 2006, history of libety hill texas 1853 to modern times - history of libety hill texas 1853 to modern times leonard kubiak texas historian and author welcome to len kubiak s texas history series history of liberty hill then and now, january 8 today in science history scientists born on - born 8 jan 1905 died 9 nov 1997 at age 92 quotes german born u s philosopher who was one of the leaders of the berlin school of logical positivism the group viewed the task of science as that of showing phenomena to be the consequence of unbroken laws, uncle dale s old mormon articles early ohio 1900 09 - the mormon christian war meade e dutt fargo mich steps to the front in this fight with a ringing article in a secular paper the mormons are filling the air with threats but he moves right on undismayed, amateur radio history ac6v - usa amateur radio history and licensing for broadcast radio tv history click here for history of communications electronics in the united states navy click here new book the history of wireless how creative minds produced technology for the masses, product timeline industrial design history - curved dash oldsmobile durant william c 1901 the first us gasoline powered auto to be produced in quantity the 425 runabout was introduced by olds motor works founded in 1897 by ransom e olds features included the first speed meter invented last year by a mr jones and a new gracefully curved dashboard, north american soda beer bottles early soda mineral - this site offers a history of north american antique soda and beer bottles within you will be able to date your old soda and beer bottles based on shape color base style lips and closures, 20 magical facts about my little pony mental floss - my little pony one of hasbro s most recognizable and beloved toy lines has been flying off shelves since it debuted in 1983 here are a few things you might not have known about the toys the, history of lake luzerne new york nestled in the foothills - sources the history of warren county new york published by the board of supervisors of warren county printed by the glens falls post printing department 1963, vintage bikes for sale the online bicycle museum - vintage bikes for sale if it s time you bought a vintage treasure you re welcome to phone me on 0044 7866 126469 or email me at buyvintage mac com it all started when i purchased the contents of a farm museum my storage filled up fast, the old historic church of tollcross and tollcross - by charles macewing preface circumstances have permitted me little more than six months to gather together the particulars embodied in the accompanying sketch which i have undertaken at the request of the church management