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folk lore and legends german paperback amazon com - this is a pretty good book of german folk lore and legends the lesser known stories are generally faux historical and often include zombies or other sorts of undead, folk lore of the pennsylvania germans part i - p 125 folk lore of the pennsylvania germans part i journal of american folk lore 1 2 pp 125 35 1888 before describing the customs folk medicine and folk lore of the pennsylvania germans it will be necessary to present a brief sketch of the people to which they relate and to explain the origin of the dialect generally though erroneously denominated pennsylvania dutch, sleeping hero legends university of pittsburgh - sleeping hero legends folktales of type 766 and migratory legends about heroes who instead of dying lie asleep awaiting a time of special need when they will rise up, changeling legends from the british isles - table of contents the changeling thomas keightley the fairy mythology scottish changelings sir walter scott on the fairies of popular superstition the smith and the fairies j f campbell popular tales of the west highlands how to find out a fairy changeling walter gregor notes on the folk lore of the north east of scotland the fair folk walter gregor notes on the folk lore, folk tale synonyms folk tale antonyms thesaurus com - i am like that man in the old german folk tale who made a compact with the evil one selling thereby his chance to die there is a folk tale connected with it and part of philippe s plan was to tell this tale to tom, regional folklore and mythology pibburns com - pib s collection of regional folklore and mythology resources african excluding egypt african mythology discusses the creator god and ancestor worship in africa african myths and legends by samantha martin offers stories from the bushmen and hottentots folklore about hyenas by robin m weare offers tales from africa about these predators, nature spirits fairies devas elementals little folk - nature spirits quotations sayings aphorisms wisdom lore up the airy mountain down the rushy glen we daren t go a hunting for fear of little men, tim sheppard s storytelling resources for storytellers - all sorts a flowering tree an excellent book of 77 indian folktales the whole text now online and easy to search translated by an eminent author and scholar each tale has notes and commentary giving cultural background comparative types and motifs and an essay on women centred folktales