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dogging final review study guide easyguides com au - dogging final review study guide cpccldg3001a licence to perform dogging the final review guide is designed to be a revision tool to revise learning prior to the knowledge assessment the review information is presented in question and answer format and should give the learner an insight into the types of questions they may be asked during an assessment, a guide for doggers worksafe connect - anyone with a dogger licence dg or rigger licence rb ri ra is permitted to perform dogging information guide guide for doggers pn10123 last updated 15 july 2010 9 loading factors and slinging in the examples below all the angle and reeve factors are for fswr the arithmetic is set out so that, basic rigging training manual slideshare - basic rigging training manual 21 059 views share like download syam tawakkal construction engineer at whenever a ccilp is located or removed by a crane the slinging and load direction must becontrolled by a person with a dogging or rigging certificate or equivalent old certificate the propping of cclps with adjustable, 58 electric dogging overview by sargent - 58 electric dogging when the 58 80 series exit device is energized and the push rail is depressed it will continuously hold the push rail down and the latch es will be held retracted when the device is de energized or power is interrupted the latch es will extend, crl jackson dogging assembly for hex key dogging systems - crl jackson hex dogging key package with full loop for use with crl jackson exit devices with hex dogging feature by cr laurence 3 3 out of 5 stars 13 13 83 5 32 dogging key for panic exit device von duprin 5 0 out of 5 stars 10 9 97 next special offers and product promotions, cpccldg3001a licence to perform dogging - fee includes dogging manual whistle but not limited to ropes and consumables dogging training manual training and assessment crane hire statement of attainment safework sa fees additional licencing fee payable to safework sa within 60 days of assessment locations atc adelaide training site only, 3700 8700 8800 rim exit device adamsrite - dogging the push bar dogging the push bar disables the latching function making the door a simple push pull operation 1 complete the following to dog the device a depress the push bar completely and hold caution over rotation of the key past the prescribed turn can cause damage to the exit device b turn the hex key 1 4 turn clockwise 2